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Uses this

A list of everything I use to get things done. Inspired by Uses This & Manas.

Physical Products

  • Mi Notebook Pro - Super lightweight, fast and compact - everything I need in a laptop

  • Mi 11x - Fast, good battery and camera. Primary Android phone

  • Apple iPad Pro - Great device to read, take notes, sketch, watch content & play games

  • Apple Pencil - Works well with the iPad to write notes & sketch

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro - Great earbuds for music, calls & noise cancellation

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 - A fitness watch that looks good, helps with workout/sleep/step tracking & quick calls

  • Kindle Paperwhite (10th gen) - Have stopped reading physical books after getting a Kindle, wish Kindles were fast but acts as a dedicated reading device

  • Oculus Quest 2 - Mind blowing piece of tech, great for all things entertainment (movies, games, social interactions)

  • Logitech Brio 4k Webcam - Amazing video quality, and quite portable. I use this for video calls, hosting TPF's live sessions, etc.

  • TP Link Archer C6 - Primary WiFi router at home, works like a charm

  • Mokobara Transit Backpack - Packs in good utility, comfortable and looks decent

  • Oral B Pro 2 2000 - Electric toothbrushes are awesome, makes you feel fresher and better everyday

  • Caresmith Oral Flosser - Got this after seeing a Twitter reccomendation, highly recommend if you care about your oral health

  • Fitkit treadmill - Great for indoor running and walking. Also good for drying clothes

  • Solara Resistance Bands - Great for indoor strength exercises without weights

  • Flatheads sneakers - Most comfortable sneakers ever, great to see Indian D2C brands killing it

  • Armani Chronograph Watch - Never used to wear wrist watches but got this as a gift and I love it



  • Google Workspace - Life runs on Google’s products, from Chrome to Mail to Calendar to Meet to every product they have

  • Notion - Writing this on Notion, good way to organize thoughts. Also trying to collaborate on projects via Notion

  • TickTick - The world will never agree on the perfect to-do app but this comes closest to what I like using

  • Slack - TPF community is on Slack

  • Webflow - TPF's website is built on Webflow. One of the best no-code tools to build large-ish websites

  • Wix - This site is made on Wix. No BS no-code tool to build simple websites

  • Readwise - Love this tool, surfaces highlights from all sources - kindle, pocket, books & more

  • Canva - Canva is god sent, it’s like having a designer friend you control

  • Whimsical - My go-to tool for creating rough wireframes, flow charts, etc

  • Miro - I’m amazed at this tool’s capabilities, often use this as a digital whiteboard

  • Pocket - To read things later

  • Raindrop - Amazing bookmark manager

Chrome Extensions

  • Wappylyzer - Use it to see what tech stack was used in building a website

  • Blocksite - Helps in blocking sites for focused work when needed

  • Fireshot - Easy way to take full page screenshots of websites

  • Greenshot - Easy, snappy tool for taking screenshots on desktop

  • Google Dictionary - Double click to see a word’s meaning, works everywhere

  • Metamask - wagmi

Mobile apps
(have excluded common ones like Chrome, Twitter, etc.)

  • Audible - Never listened to audiobooks before, until I did once & now I'm hooked

  • Medito - Dead simple free meditation app

  • Daylio - To track how am I feeling and what’s influencing it every day

  • Nike Training Club - For guided in-home workouts

  • Mi Fit - Tracks and shows everything from the Mi Band

  • Loop Habits - Simple app to track habits, my home screen is just loop widgets

  • Spotify - Primary music listening app

  • Penzu - App to journal, should use it more often

  • Google Keep - To take notes of all kinds

  • Google Lens - As close to magic in an app as possible

  • DigiLocker - To bring up digitally verified official docs when needed

  • Fampay - To send money to my younger brother

  • Ola - To get around via cabs/autos

  • Blind - Anonymous professional network, find good threads here once in a while

  • Castbox - To listen to podcasts

  • Kindle - Best reading app, syncs with the Kindle device

  • Pocket - To read later (which rarely happens)

  • Cred - To pay credit card bills and buy d2c products

  • PayTM - Fastest UPI app, use it for other stuff once in a while (movie, flights, etc). Also use PhonePe & Google Pay as UPI alternatives.

  • INDmoney - All-in-one finance tracker

  • Paytm Money - All my mutual fund investments are via Paytm Money

  • Zerodha (Kite) - All my equity investments are via Zerodha

  • Reddit - The last thing I scroll through before I sleep, the most fun app

  • Zomato - My favourite app of all time, no competition :)

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