Hello, I'm Aditya 


I love building products, communities and growing them. I enjoy the company of good people, eating good food and watching good movies.

Currently, I'm building:

The Product Folks - a product community in India
Grab Chai - a networking tool to meet interesting people

I share what I learn on Twitter, best way to reach out would be to DM there or mail me. I write personal essays here. A set of life rules I try to live by are listed here

Startups I've Worked With



Product Manager

Executive education in collaboration with world's top universities.

Discovered that education is something I'm deeply interested in, personally grew with Emeritus as it went from 1-10-100 & beyond. Got to see what real scale & growth is in every sense of those words. 



Online literature platform for writers & readers.

WordKrowd is the first thing I ever worked on, built it while in college, got a taste of what it's like to startup (and fail). Easily my most hard-worked & cherished project, the first one is always special. Grew it to 40k+ users organically.


Tech Editor

E-commerce price aggregator for tech gadgets.

Joined Pricebaba right after college, got to work with incredible people and learnt so much about how to actually run a startup. Learnt to write better and more importantly, had a lot of fun & made friends for life! 

Side Projects I've Built


Product Community

(50k+ members)


Grab Chai.png

1:1 networking 

(15k+ conversations)


Free PM Program
(20k+ users)